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  1. 2019
  2. star=Florence Pugh, Vilhelm Blomgren
  3. Score=147172 votes
  4. country=Sweden
  5. Ari Aster

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This movie could have one hour less, than it would probably be a okay movie. Ari Aster still use the same formula in Hereditary, basically the same movie and both are terrible.
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Best movie in horror genre ever. I think this is unique and creative in its own way. Perfect shooting and of course eerie sounds. Everthing in one place…
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Just like Schiller’s Reel on SNL, this movie was stylish, kind of intriguing and nothing made sense.
It boils down to the fact that nobody cares about any of the characters, let alone their fate.
There were enough of ‘funny’ vignettes ( peeing on the sacret tree” for example) to keep me interested the first 60 minutes, but then it was just one “Really? REALLY. after another and I wish I had not wasted another 90 minutes.
The movie should have been ‘Midwinter’ because it was cold in all aspects.

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Beautifully shot… unfolds as expected but impossible to look away… a mix of psychedelic, bright sunshine, flowers and terror. One person’s normal is another’s stuff of nightmares. drink the tea.
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